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About Us

The wonderful thing about our office is that we have a lot of different types of locks on hand at all times. This indicates that when you drop us a line or come into our office searching for a special lock, we might have it right here in our store house. Owing to this, we will be able to get out to your office or home that much sooner because we’ll not have to special order your particular lock. We always have an assortment of vehicle and home locks readily available. We have numerous colors and varnishes of every one of these locks in our stock room and also different kinds of locks. We have many different kinds of deadbolts and specialty deadbolts that may require a finger print or a key card.

On top of having lots of locks in stock constantly in the store room, we are also capable of cut and duplicate keys immediately. Ballantyne Locksmith has the correct machines in order to do this. We have done this for the reason that we know that you never know when you will undergo a lock problem. Things take place all the time in the middle of the night and we want to ensure that you constantly feel safe. On account of this, we have machines in our office so that we are able to create any master key you may need in a short amount of time.

We understand that lock problems may happen at any time and we want to ensure that you are safe and sound and always get what you yearn for. We have a wonderful customer service workforce and just take on expert technicians. Without a competent technician that comprehends what they’re doing your door lock could be swapped wrong and therefore does not provide you with the right amount of protection. All of our technicians are highly taught and are equipped for any trouble you might have.

If you have any more questions or have a lock trouble in your office, house, or even automobile, just proceed and call our offices when you have the time. Our Largo customer service staff is always on hand ready to take your call.